Have you ever seen a student roast a teacher?

Have you ever seen a student roast a teacher? by Tan Peng An

Answer by Tan Peng An:

There was this guy in my school (we were 17 and were in arguably the best school in the country) who used to sleep through every class he took. At first, all the teachers ignored him but one particular math teacher got pissed and decided to make an “example” of him.

She prepared a very difficult math question (dont forget Singapore topped the PISA international math exams so difficult means really difficult and way above our syllabus level) and wrote it on the board, then asked the person next to him to wake him up to answer the question.

*Not the actual guy

The sleepy guy yawned and then took a look at the board. He kept still and quiet for 10 seconds and the teacher started to go into a lecture about paying attention in class blah blah blah….when the guy interrupted and just stated the answer without working out anything on paper. The teacher (who herself was a top scholar and had an advanced math degree from MIT) was FLABBERGASTED as she expected a brillant person to have needed at least 1/2 a page of calculations to arrive at the answer…

She recovered quickly and she then asked the sleepy guy if he had any questions on classwork. BIG MISTAKE….the sleepy guy had a question and walked up to the board, wrote a question down and said he had trouble solving the equation. The whole class was so quiet you could hear a pin drop…Needless to say, 45 minutes later, the teacher had still not managed to solve the equation.


After extensive tests covering numerous math topics, the sleepy guy was then given a dispensation by the school for all math classes during his time there – he eventually got a full scholarship to Princeton…

Have you ever seen a student roast a teacher?


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