Is JavaScript the future of programming?

Is JavaScript the future of programming? by @ossia

Answer by Quincy Larson:

JavaScript is the present and the near future of programming.

There are two good reasons for this:

  1. JavaScript is the native language of the web, and the web is rapidly expanding.
  2. Because of this, JavaScript is receiving a tremendous amount of attention from developers who are improving its performance and expanding its functionality.

As JavaScript improves, more and more people will use it.

It will be some time before it’s dislodged. But it will eventually be dislodged by something. The question is: when will this happen, and what programming language will replace it?

JavaScript: the Good Parts author Douglas Crockford recently gave a talk titled “The Post JavaScript Apocalypse JavaScript” that explores this.…

It’s a 46-minute watch, but a humorous and insightful one.

I only write about programming and technology. If you follow me I won’t waste your time.

Is JavaScript the future of programming?


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