Which one is the future Big Data or Data Science?

Which one is the future Big Data or Data Science? by Kumaran Kanniappan

Answer by Kumaran Kanniappan:

Both having the future ;

A) For developers, Big data, mainly for storing and processing purpose ; Who likes coding will easily learn Big data Hadoop HDFS and Spark tools ; Here most company switching to Big Data Technologies, So learning Big Data Hadoop and Spark is best ;

Check this below details :

For learning What are the best data visualization tools that exist in the Hadoop ecosystem and/or Spark?

For Salary hike around 80 to 100 % for What should be salary if I know Hadoop/Big Data?

Learning in Big data Hadoop and Spark has following tools ;HDFS, HBase, Yarn, Mapreduce, Oozie, flume, Hive, Hue, Impala, Pig, zoo keeper,
In Spark tools, MLlib, Graphx, Spark SQL, Spark Core Engine;

B) For Business Analysts, Statisticians, Math people, developers who love to solve the problems in data, will choose Data Science ; Mainly Analysing data and Build predictive Business models and data models, Apply ML algorithms for transforming business needs ; It has huge future ; check the below images for what is the trend in Data science programming language and industries using this data science tools as beloe details;

Which one is the future Big Data or Data Science?


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