India: Who are the most underrated Indians ever?

India: Who are the most underrated Indians ever? by Deepak Nahar

Answer by Deepak Nahar:

Google took 40 Days to show a search result. This Gentleman from Uttar Pradesh, India fixed it and brought it down to seconds.

This Man Did The Basic Initial Coding Of “The Google Search”.

This Man Drastically Reduced The Time Taken By The Google Search To Show The Results.

Russell Peter met this man and he told Russell that initial Google Search (under-development stage) took 40 Days or so to show the results from the vast ocean of information.

Many in the tech industry might have guessed the name but to several others he is still unknown.

This Genius Tech Wizard is AMIT SINGHAL.

Amit Singhal is a software engineer and senior vice president at Google Search. He is the idol of millions of tech people from around the world. Amit is also an important part of the Google’s Core ranking team and has huge contribution in decision-making.

Quick Bio of "The Head of Google Search":

Amitabh Kumar (Amit) Singhal was born in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh in India. He graduated as a computer engineer from the reputed IIT Roorkee and since then he has never looked back. He went ahead to be a part of the prestigious Cornell University; he completed his PhD there and is now serving as a senior vice president at Google—the Internet giant.


Before joining Google, Amit had worked at AT&T labs, which now is a part of the Bell Labs. It was the year of 2000, when one of his friends persuaded him to join Google and put his amazing digital skills at the right use. It’s been fifteen years since Amit joined Google and he surely has served the enterprise with all heart.


In the year of 2011, Amit Singhal was inducted as the Fellow Member for the Association for Computer Machinery. Amit Singhal was also named as one of the smartest member of the tech community by Fortune.

In the year 2011, The Asian Awards gave him the award for Outstanding Achievement in Science and Technology.

He is also a proud member of National Academy of Engineering.

Contribution to Google:

Amit Singhal is a man of an impressive stature; he has been an essential pillar in the development of the Modern Google Search. Amit Singhal’s ability to innovate and his technical understanding have pushed him across varied roadblocks.

People who worked with Amit Singhal have always cited him as an inspiration, he has always been inspiring his team to innovate and cut cost in order to make programs viable and entertaining.

Amit’s simple approach towards life has helped him a lot in his career. Amit is someone who keeps looking for opportunity, What’s Next? Seems to be his favorite phrase. He has now matured at Google and is looking forward to the better things in life.

Current Life:

Amit Singhal retired from the post of Senior Vice President at Google on 26th February 2016. He has been looking for amazing opportunities to pursue once he retires from Google.

Amit Singhal is very much active with publication. He publishes one or two research paper every now and then. He aims to give his best to the tech world. He identifies the potential of the contemporary tech and aspires to see them changing the world.

In short this guy made the Google Search amazingly fast and accurate.

PS: His Card Says “A Google Fellow. That’s the highest role for an Engineer at Google. See this answer: Leo Polovets' answer to What is a Google Fellow?

A higher role called “Senior Google Fellow” was created to promote Amit & the legendary Jeff Dean.

Hats Off Sir.!

Credit: Google Search helped me find information about this great man.

Edit 1: As Mentioned By Abhinav Anand, Amit is joining UBER as SVP of Engineering.

Here is the link: Uber Appoints Former Google Search Chief Amit Singhal as SVP of Engineering – TechStory

Edit 2: As mentioned by Ajay Poshak Amit joined the PayTm's board.

Here is the link: Former Google executive Amit Singhal joins Paytm board – The Economic Times

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India: Who are the most underrated Indians ever?


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