What life advice would you give to a 17 year old?

What life advice would you give to a 17 year old? by @ToddBrison

Answer by Todd Brison:

You are probably going to hate what I’m about to tell you.

If you are 17 right now, what if you decided you are going to follow an interest you have for the next 20 years?

Here’s what your life would look like at 37:

  • You would be a true master of your craft
  • You would be able to mentor people and grow your influence
  • You would be doing something you love every day

Before half your life is over, you will reach a place most don’t find in their lifetimes.

The advice I’m supposed to give is “have fun! Live life! You’re only young once!” That is true. Here is another thing that is true:

The sooner you start building the life you want, the easier it is to do so.

I don't want you to do whatever you want for a while between the ages of 17–37.

I want you to be able to do whatever you want every single second from 37–107.


Last night I ate possibly the best cake I’ve ever had.

“Who MADE this?” I asked.

“Our daughter Lily,” said another couple at the table.

“Do you have business cards??” I asked Lily, joking.

“Yep, I sure do,” she said.

Turns out Lily has been making cakes and selling them to fund her half-marathon this summer. She is 12.

Money is not everything. But it certainly opens doors which would otherwise be closed.

There is not an age limit for earning an income. Start now.


Is 20 years too much a commitment? Okay do this instead:

> Find something you are sort of good at.

> Then do it every day for 30 days.

> Move to the next interest. Do that for 30 days.

Despite what career lore suggests, specialization is not the only way to success. You are more than one thing. People who can do anything they want from 37–106 are typically really good at more than one thing. They are irreplaceable.

A master in animation is called an “animator.” A master in animation AND storytelling is called “amazing.” A master of animation and storytelling and business is called “Pixar.”

Be Pixar.


By caring about what you do, you are already ahead of 75% of the people you will work with.

Here’s the funny thing about caring – it's a domino.

Don't know the answer? If you care, you will find it.

Make a mistake? If you care, you can fix it.

Don’t like how your team does business? If you care, you can change it.

Passion is derived from massive amount of action based on an interest. You typically don't just wake up and have it.

Build a passion for something and keep it burning. The career/money/people to help you will come.

(See Also – Dear Young People Looking for a Career – Do This)


The people you surround yourself with build your habits, your mindset, and your values – directly or indirectly.

> Be around people smarter than you – they will make you smarter.

> Be around people richer than you – figure out how they did it.

> Be around people braver than you – courage is contagious.

> Be around people older than you – perspective is irreplaceable.

All of these have the underlying effect of humility. With a dose of humility and the right people, you can be unstoppable.


Try something for me.

Exhale for as long as you can, and then try to walk around before taking another breath.

Spoiler alert – you won’t be able to do it.

The 24/7 hustle thing is a myth. Even if you’re doing something you love every day 15 minutes a day for 20 years, the momentum and consistency you build from that will be enough for a great career.

Fun is dull without work. But work is abysmal without fun. Humans were made to balance both.


I don't know if you noticed, but machines are kind of taking over the world.

Why buy a person when you can buy a robot? Robots can do everything cheaply, perfectly, and endlessly.

Here's what people uniquely offer (for now):


There are three steps to infinite ideas:

1 – Find problems everywhere.

2 – Find solutions everywhere.

3 – Connect as many as possible.

You are a digital native. This means you have a completely different mindset when it comes to what can be done.

Show us what is possible.

Show us your world.

What life advice would you give to a 17 year old?


What is the biggest mindfuck ever?

What is the biggest mindfuck ever? by Divyanshu Patel

Answer by Divyanshu Patel:

It’s got to be The Zipf's law.

It says that if you pick any language or a book and rank the most commonly used words then the frequency of any word is inversely proportional to its rank in the frequency table.

For example…

If the most used words in a book are ranked as:

1. The

2. Of

3. And

4. To

5. A

then the word "Of" will be used half as often as "The". Similarly the word "And" will be used (1/3) times as often as the word "The". All the words will follow the (1/rank) system.

The above image shows the graph of most used words in the book Moby Dick.

This law applies to every language and every book. And many other things like city populations, last names, number of phone calls people receives, etc.

I took two random answers from Quora under the same question and made a word rank using the Internet.

Here the example of Zipf’s law can be seen; the word “you” is used almost 1/2 as often as the word “The” and the word “of” 1/3 times as often and so on up to rank 5 (because the data is taken from only 1000 words). The more words you use, the more accurate this law gets.

It’s amazing how a simple law can define such a complex thing.

Edit: Watch this video to get a better understanding, as mentioned by Najeeb Sheikh and Raghav Bhandari


What is the biggest mindfuck ever?

What are the most frustrating grammatical errors you see online?

What are the most frustrating grammatical errors you see online? by Λlexander Lee

Answer by Λlexander Lee:

What are the most frustrating grammar errors you see online?

[math]{\color{red} {\textbf{#1: i.e. and e.g.}}}[/math]

No, they do not mean the same thing!

i.e. is a Latin abbreviation—id est—which means “that is” or “in other words”.

I created a Quora account in 2015, i.e., two years ago.

e.g. is also a Latin abbreviation—exempli gratia—which means “for example”.

There is a wide variety of topics on Quora, e.g., physics, religion, experiences in life, and electronics.

[math]{\color{red} {\textbf{#2: What the fuck is “anyways"?}}}[/math]

There is no such word as “anyways”, with an “s”.

It's not in the dictionary, and it's not English. But people still use it anyways. (See how annoying that is?!)

[math]{\color{red} {\textbf{#3: Ordering of Adjectives}}}[/math]

If you have more than one adjective to describe a noun, there is a specific order you put them in, or else the clause will sound very awkward.

That order is: Opinion-size-age-shape-colour-origin-material-purpose-noun.

The most common example of this is the lovely little old rectangular green French silver whittling knife.

If you put any of those adjectives out of order, the phrase will sound extremely confusing.

What are the most frustrating grammatical errors you see online?

How do I get good grades in college?

How do I get good grades in college? by Richard Muller

Answer by Richard Muller:

I had a graduate student who, as an undergrad at Cornell, had more A+ grades than As — about 15. Once I asked him how he did that. "I use tricks" he said. They all seemed so obvious when he told me, that I'm not sure I can recall all of them. Below I'll mix in what he said with some of the things I observed in other great students.

He said he always read the assignment before lecture, not after. Do that, and you know what to pay most attention to. You can ask questions about things you didn't understand. You can't ask a book questions, but you can ask a professor. Moreover, your professor will be impressed that you ask the best questions. Remarkably, it takes no longer to read all the material before class than after class.

Visit the professor during office hours. Some professors will just try to intimidate you into not coming so often; ignore them. Some will be delighted to have visitors. It is a great opportunity to interact with a very smart and very knowledgeable person.

Don't try to learn what you think is important, but try to learn what you think the professor thinks is most important. That's really why the professors are there; they have enormously more experience in the subject, and know what is really important. You'll discover you do much better on exams.

Find other students to study with. College is not a place to try to prove you are better than everyone else; it is a place where, among other things, you can learn how to work well with other people. Try throwing good questions at your friends. It turns out that thinking of good questions gets you very far. Don't be surprised if some of the questions turn out to be the same ones the professor asks.

Go to lecture and, particularly if it is boring, try to figure out why the material is actually fascinating. All those courses are there because someone thinks it is important, even if your current professor doesn't. Once you become interested in the material, it will be easy to learn; in fact, it will be hard to forget.

Recognize that not all the material is equally important. See if you can identify that. Think hard about the important stuff.

Take this to be your top homework design: there is a person who has limited time, not really enough, to learn some material. What is the best way to approach that? Pretend that that question is a homework exercise, and write a page. Then follow your own suggestions.

How do I get good grades in college?

What are some whatsapp tricks and hacks for education?

What are some whatsapp tricks and hacks for education? by Saurabh Jain

Answer by Saurabh Jain:

  • Use Whatsapp in more productive way. Subscribe to Google, Wikipedia, Cricket Score and Many More ON WhatsApp.

Follow these steps.

  • Save the contact +919282435531 and +919840468859 in your contact list as “Wiki” (If above numbers are not working then visit [DutaDotin] for latest numbers)
  • Now create a whatsapp group with any name and add This number to the group.
  • Now you are subscribed to Duta wikipedia.
  • now type “Search your Text”

example: “Search india

and this will give you a appropriate information about india

  • You can subscribe to their GK questions by just texting “+gk” in the group.

By this you can increase your General Knowledge.

  • You can check any train’s status by just texting “Train + train number”
  • You can subscribe to Religious content about Gita, Quran, Bible, Ramayan, Jain Agam by just texting “+gita” “+quran” “+bible” “+ramayan” “+jain”.

EDIT 1 : Thank you Guys.I’m adding some more tricks on 750 Upvotes. so here are some more things which you can do on WhatsApp.

  • How to use Dictionary on WhatsApp : Just Type +Dict word in group created above and get the answer instant. Ex. : +DICT PROCRASTINATION
  • Use Wikipedia on Whatsapp by just texting +Wiki search Term

Example : wiki india

  • Change Currency : just text currency value and in which country value you want to change.

Example : Type $100 usd/inr

  • Play jumble words : just text “+Jumble” in group to play jumble words game.
  • Live Cricket Score : Just text “+Cricket

#EDIT 2 : Thank You to All 2000 Upvoters. Hope you all are enjoying this Duta Service.

here are some more tips as i have Promised.

  • Know your PNR Status : just text “PNR pnrnumber”
  • Know Weather of your city by Just Texting “Weather Cityname”
  • Live Stock Market Updates : text “FINANCE Stockname”
  • Horoscope Of The Day : Text “astro ddmmyyyy
  • Latest Tech News : “+tech”
  • Hindi News : text “+samachar”

For English News text “+news

  • Play Hangman Game : “+Hangman”

Thank You Quorans For That much Overwhelming Responce.

Type your queries in comment Box.

Hope this answer will help you.

If find this answer helpful then UPVOTE this And let others know about this too.

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What are some whatsapp tricks and hacks for education?

What are the best interview questions that are tricky and require presence of mind to answer them?

What are the best interview questions that are tricky and require presence of mind to answer them? by Anonymous

Answer by Anonymous:

After two rounds of technical cum aptitude interview, I was through to the final round.

It was a HR round. So I thought it would just be a casual talk.

It happened as follows:

Interviewer: Hi xxx, tell about yourself.

Me: Usual blah blah blah…

I: So why switching to a new company?

M: Usual blah blah…

As I expected it went on smoothly with some more usual and expected questions. Then the following happened.

I: Ok xxx. One final question. If you answer it correctly, you are selected. Else, not. Then she gave brief pause.

M: Though I was confident, that pause made me little nervous.

I: Just a simple question. I will ask you only once. I will not repeat and you should answer only once. You can take upto 5 mins to answer.

M: more nervous… Ok.

I: The total price of bat and ball is 1.10₹. The price of the bat is 1₹ more than the price of the ball. What is the price of the ball?.

M: For a moment I was on cloud nine. My inner thoughts: Wow so easy its 0.10₹. You are selected man. Many smiles on my face. But my goodness I did not say it immediately. You should answer only once came to my mind in a flash. Then I worked it out and got a different and correct answer! Said it.

I: Smiled and said nice xxx. Welcome onboard!

PS: Still wondering what would have happened, If I had said 0.10₹ immediately!

Edit: Answer- Most of us would have thought 0.10 as the answer first. But if ball price is 0.10, bat price must be 1.00. Then bat price is only 0.90 more than ball price.

So small math here,

Bat + Ball = 1.10₹ (eq 1)

Bat – Ball = 1.00₹ (eq 2)

(eq 1) + (eq 2) = 2Bat = 2.10₹

So, Bat = 1.05₹ (eq 3)

Sub (eq 3) in (eq 1) = 1.05₹ + Ball = 1.10₹

So, Ball = 0.05₹.

Its actually simple. But interviewer twisted the question in a way that most of us will think 0.10 as the answer first. Just a small presence of mind we can get it!

EDIT: This is my first answer with more than 100 upvotes let alone 5K upvotes! Though my initial intention was just to share the interesting question I have come across, the happiness of getting these many upvotes for the first time is always a feel good factor:). But the cruel part is I went anonymous for this! Now I cant remove my anonymity either!

What are the best interview questions that are tricky and require presence of mind to answer them?

India: Who are the most underrated Indians ever?

India: Who are the most underrated Indians ever? by Deepak Nahar

Answer by Deepak Nahar:

Google took 40 Days to show a search result. This Gentleman from Uttar Pradesh, India fixed it and brought it down to seconds.

This Man Did The Basic Initial Coding Of “The Google Search”.

This Man Drastically Reduced The Time Taken By The Google Search To Show The Results.

Russell Peter met this man and he told Russell that initial Google Search (under-development stage) took 40 Days or so to show the results from the vast ocean of information.

Many in the tech industry might have guessed the name but to several others he is still unknown.

This Genius Tech Wizard is AMIT SINGHAL.

Amit Singhal is a software engineer and senior vice president at Google Search. He is the idol of millions of tech people from around the world. Amit is also an important part of the Google’s Core ranking team and has huge contribution in decision-making.

Quick Bio of "The Head of Google Search":

Amitabh Kumar (Amit) Singhal was born in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh in India. He graduated as a computer engineer from the reputed IIT Roorkee and since then he has never looked back. He went ahead to be a part of the prestigious Cornell University; he completed his PhD there and is now serving as a senior vice president at Google—the Internet giant.


Before joining Google, Amit had worked at AT&T labs, which now is a part of the Bell Labs. It was the year of 2000, when one of his friends persuaded him to join Google and put his amazing digital skills at the right use. It’s been fifteen years since Amit joined Google and he surely has served the enterprise with all heart.


In the year of 2011, Amit Singhal was inducted as the Fellow Member for the Association for Computer Machinery. Amit Singhal was also named as one of the smartest member of the tech community by Fortune.

In the year 2011, The Asian Awards gave him the award for Outstanding Achievement in Science and Technology.

He is also a proud member of National Academy of Engineering.

Contribution to Google:

Amit Singhal is a man of an impressive stature; he has been an essential pillar in the development of the Modern Google Search. Amit Singhal’s ability to innovate and his technical understanding have pushed him across varied roadblocks.

People who worked with Amit Singhal have always cited him as an inspiration, he has always been inspiring his team to innovate and cut cost in order to make programs viable and entertaining.

Amit’s simple approach towards life has helped him a lot in his career. Amit is someone who keeps looking for opportunity, What’s Next? Seems to be his favorite phrase. He has now matured at Google and is looking forward to the better things in life.

Current Life:

Amit Singhal retired from the post of Senior Vice President at Google on 26th February 2016. He has been looking for amazing opportunities to pursue once he retires from Google.

Amit Singhal is very much active with publication. He publishes one or two research paper every now and then. He aims to give his best to the tech world. He identifies the potential of the contemporary tech and aspires to see them changing the world.

In short this guy made the Google Search amazingly fast and accurate.

PS: His Card Says “A Google Fellow. That’s the highest role for an Engineer at Google. See this answer: Leo Polovets' answer to What is a Google Fellow?

A higher role called “Senior Google Fellow” was created to promote Amit & the legendary Jeff Dean.

Hats Off Sir.!

Credit: Google Search helped me find information about this great man.

Edit 1: As Mentioned By Abhinav Anand, Amit is joining UBER as SVP of Engineering.

Here is the link: Uber Appoints Former Google Search Chief Amit Singhal as SVP of Engineering – TechStory

Edit 2: As mentioned by Ajay Poshak Amit joined the PayTm's board.

Here is the link: Former Google executive Amit Singhal joins Paytm board – The Economic Times

If you came so far, you might like to check one of my another answer on unknown facts. Deepak Nahar's answer to What is the most interesting fact that you know and I don't, but I should?

India: Who are the most underrated Indians ever?