Are there people who never find their passion in life?

Are there people who never find their passion in life? by Abhimanyu Sood

Answer by Abhimanyu Sood:

Let’s say you get an invite to a buffet. When you reach the event, you’re amazed to see an infinitely long buffet table. On this magical table, beautiful and exotic-looking dishes are placed one after the other, for as far as you can see. It’s a heavenly sight. And even though you don’t recognize a single one of these dishes, they all smell so good your mouth is watering like crazy.


The other people around you are equally dazed at the magical sight. Here are one of the three ways in which they will react –

  1. Some people will start from the beginning of the table, and sample dishes one after the other. As soon as they reach the first dish they really like, they will stop and start gorging on it. For them, this is their ‘best dish’, their destiny, the ‘one true’ dish they have been sent on this earth, to eat.
  2. Others will realize the truth, that since the table is infinitely long, there can be no ‘best dish’ as such. It’s ridiculous notion that one of these dishes is their ‘destiny’. And even if they find one particular dish that they really really like, somewhere further along the table, there would be another dish that is even more delicious than this one! So, they go on, from dish to dish, spending extra time with the ones they really like, but always moving on, exploring further and further. For them, the buffet is not destiny, it’s an adventure.
  3. The third category of people are the philosophers. They ‘know’ beforehand their purpose in this buffet is to find the ‘one true dish’ that is their destiny, and until they find one there is no point in eating anything at all! They would then sit down in dejection, and starve to death.

Life is like this buffet. It offers you a brilliant assortment of infinite number of possible experiences.

  1. Most of the people pick a stream, go to college, switch a job or two, find the first one they like, and then stick to it for the rest of their lives, thinking that they have found their ‘true passion’.
  2. A few enlightened souls see through the matrix, and realize just how many different experiences this life has to offer. They explore, travel around the globe, make new friends, change careers with ease, write a book, direct a movie, build a company, and then build another one. They never buy into the illusion that everybody on this planet has to find their ‘true passion’. For them, life is not about finding your passion; it’s about having an adventure.
  3. The third category are the philosophers. They know beforehand that they have been sent on this earth to find their one true passion, and until they find that passion, there is no point in doing anything at all! They fail to realize that the only way to find their passion (if such a thing even exists), is to keep trying new experiences, until you find the one you really like, or one you’re really good at. Instead they throw in the towel, sit down and refuse to budge an inch until some magical passion-fairy whacks their head with her ‘passion wand’.

Passion is overrated. Passion is imaginary. Passion does not exist. Don’t go looking for passion. Instead, realize that life has an infinite assortment of amazing experiences to offer. Try out as many of them as you can. Don’t limit yourself to just a few. Be an explorer. Be an adventurer.

And no matter what you do, don’t be a philosopher. Else you will starve to death 🙂

Bon Voyage…

In case we’re meeting for the first time,

Hi! I’m Abhimanyu Sood, ‘the wordsmith’.

Thanks for reading my answer.

Are there people who never find their passion in life?


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