What did someone do that made you think they were really smart?

What did someone do that made you think they were really smart? by Kanishk

Answer by Kanishk:

A chai vala (tea vendor) infront of my college defined a whole new level of smartness. He made the perfect cup of tea any can ask for. What’s more, he was so consistent with his recipe that it always tasted the same.

On the final day of college, I visited his stall for a last cup of tea. Out of curiousity, I asked him the recipe.

He asked me to watch as he started to prepare a fresh batch.

This is what he did

  1. Boil water in a pan
  2. Add cardamom and ginger.
  3. Add tea leaves.
  4. Add milk.

Simple right? I was not amused. I asked him,

“Bhaiya aap har baar ek hi jaisi chay kaise bna lete ho? Vahi taste, vahi shakkar, hamesha utna hi doodh, kaise karte ho?”

(How do you manage to make exactly the same tea everytime? Exact taste, same sweetness and the correct amount of milk everytime, how do you do it?)

He smiled and lit a match stick.

This”, he said, smiling shrewdly.

He placed the match stick over the boiling tea so that the flame came directly in contact with the steam arising from the pan. I was taken aback.

He smiled knowingly and told me his secret.

“When the tea is about to get ready and is boiling at its peak, I place this lighted matchstick directly above the steam and wait for 3 seconds.

  1. If the flame goes off in approx 3 seconds, you got the tea right. The perfect amount of milk and sugar.
  2. If it goes off in 1–2 seconds, the milk is right but the sugar is in excess. Add some water and a little milk.
  3. If it stays for more than 4 seconds, the tea is way too diluted. The kind one can wash their hands with. Add some milk and sugar and repeat 1 or 2.”

Man, I was stunned!

Try doing this at your home when you make tea. You will love it. So will your guests.

EDIT 1: Okay, I do not know the exact science behind it. Although I have tried it and it works for me, even today. Instead of matchstick, I use a Butane lighter. If you figure it out, feel free to drop in your views in the comments. Thanks for the upvotes btw!

What did someone do that made you think they were really smart?


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