Why can’t India and Pakistan make peace?

Why can't India and Pakistan make peace? by @DrAwdheshSingh

Answer by Awdhesh Singh:

A man was travelling through a muddy road when his car got suddenly trapped in the pool of mud. He tried very hard to move but his car failed to come out of it.

Suddenly, he saw a villager coming toward him in his bullock cart.

Once the bullock cart came near, he requested him to pull his car out of mud. A deal of Rs 100 was negotiated between them for the work and the villager pulled the car using his bullocks.

The man felt greatly relieved and paid him the money.

He then asked the villager, “There may be so many cars that would be getting trapped in this mud.”

Villager: “True sir. You are the seventh person since morning whose car got trapped in this mud.”

Man: “Oh my God! Did you have to pull all of them.”

Villager: “Yes Sir.”

Man: “You must be busy full day pulling the cars from the mud having no time to do your own work.”

Villager: “Very True Sir. I have to do all my work in night only.”

Man: “Oh I see! By the way, what work you do in night.”

Villager: “I just ensure that this mud is never dried.”

There are so many people on both sides of the India-Pakistan border who ensure that the mud is never dried.

Why can't India and Pakistan make peace?


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