What are some good sources to stay always updated on programming and the IT world?

What are some good sources to stay always updated on programming and the IT world? by Ashhar Hasan

Answer by Ashhar Hasan:

Places to look for resources and help.

Places for Code Review:

News and general discussion:

Questions about career and theory:

  • /r/cscareerquestions – Discuss careers in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, and related fields.
  • /r/algorithms – Pure Algorithms and DS.

Challenges and Problem Sets:

  • /r/dailyprogrammer – Weekly programming challenges of increasing difficulty. Solutions are peer reviewed and redditors can ask for the community for feedback and comments.

Language Specific Resources:


Important meta-stuff:

  • /r/linux – You will eventually want to work on Linux, so try and get comfortable with it.
  • /r/ReverseEngineering – Reverse engineering code. This helps a lot in setting up a debugging mentality and can help you when you wander into OSS.

Now, for Blogs:

Try using a good RSS feed reader and subscribe to the RSS feeds of these blogs to stay up to date. RSS feeds are good to not have to remember to visit the websites each day.

  • Hacker News – This is the place to be when you want to know latest news and find great articles. Check out their all time top posts, monthly top posts to get an idea of what are some of the great stuff you have missed.
  • Morning Dew – A daily bulletin of curated links related to programming. They tend to be more towards the technical side.
  • Joel on SoftwareJoel Spolsky’s awesome weblog. It is not that active nowadays, but you should check out the archives.
  • The Netflix Tech Blog – Tech blogs are great places to get to know the real world problems that organisations have to solve.
  • Dropbox Tech Blog
  • GitHub Blog (You can also try other blog categories they have)
  • Coding Horror – Jeff Atwood (Created of stackoverflow and Discourse).
  • Scott Hanselman – A very senior developer at Microsoft. He also has some really good social commentary to offer.
  • ScottGu's Blog – Scott Guthrie’s blog, another one of the great guys at Microsoft.
  • Channel 9 – Really good place to learn about all kinds of stuff. Debugging a slow PC to making awesome applications using the XBox Kinect.
  • Essays – Paul Graham’s essays. YOU MUST READ THESE.
  • Algorithm.co.il
  • The Daily WTF – A blog that reminds us how stupid we programmers can be.
  • The Old New Thing – Another great Microsoft blog.
  • Thoughtbot – A blog of a company that does Ruby on Rails development but the blog contains good content.
  • Random ASCII – A Googlers blog with mildy interesting content.

What are some good sources to stay always updated on programming and the IT world?


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