How can I make 500 daily from India stock market if I only have 10000 to invest?

How can I make 500 daily from India stock market if I only have 10000 to invest? by Abhinash Das

Answer by Abhinash Das:

I am going to write the whole process from opening your Trading account to how to learn stock market fundamental things,please go through the entire post.

Before Beginning You should follow the steps given below.

  1. it is necessary to have a Bank Account and your Pan Card.Bank Account is to transfer money to trading account to trade in stock market and to receive your profits from trading account to Your Bank Account. Besides,your bank account statement will be produced as a address proof for opening your account with online broker LIKE
  2. If you already have a bank account then visit your bank branch to covert your existing account to 3-in-1 (Demat Trading Saving) account.But I suggest you to open a trading account with online discount brokers because their charges is always very less than the full service brokers i.e Bank’s 3 in 1 Accounts.
  3. So always check the actual brokerages charged by your broker.

Like I said Online Discount Brokers are best . I have got my account on

Because It gives

This is how you can learn trade stocks by youself

First You want to learn stock market then follow first make a demat account a discount broker ,I use

I suggest you to open an demat and trading account first before learning the basics.

Follow the below steps to open your Account with

Step 1 – Visit Account Opening Page Of Zerodha

Step 2- Just gives your contact details on the form shown on the above page.Screenshot below

They Will arrange pick up of the documents(your PAN Copy and Bank Statement) from your home. so you do not need to visit their office.

Within 7 days your Trading and Demat Account with Zerodha will be ready to use .You can start trade or invest for long term.

The following is a screenshot from my Zerodha account.I really a risk adverse investor and trade in very small capital. I trade in Intraday to make only 200–500 .I don’t take too much risk. Since Brokerage is very very less (0.01% or Maximum 20) in Zerodha, I make this much small profit without considering brokerage charges. The brokerage is just 0.01% i.e . if you trade(buy or sell) shares for 10000 rupees ( 100 shares x 100 Rs/Share ) ,Brokerage is just Rs. 1 . only if you trade over 2 lacs rupees of shares ,Brokerage is just 20 rupees

Then go to Zerodha Varsity to learn the basic understanding of stock market,here is a quick preview of the different modules we have lined up for you:

  • Introduction to Stock Markets
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Futures Trading
  • Option Theory for Professional Trading
  • Option Strategies
  • Markets and Taxation
  • Currency, Commodity and Interest Rate Futures
  • Risk Management & Trading Philosophy
  • Building Trading Strategies & Systems
  • Financial Modelling for Investment Practice
  • Programming for Traders

Learn one by one starting from he module 1, Finish one module within a week .Also advice you to go through the comments on Zerodha Varsity

No need to go for expensive courses offered by banks and paid online tutorials charging 5,000 rupees to 50,000 rupees for course materials.

Simultaneously trade in small amount ,fund your Zerodha Trading with 1 k to 10K Rupees or any amount you are comfortable with . Then start Intraday trading by taking margin with the Zerodha

So if you have 2,000 rupees then you can borrow rest amount from the Zerodha Discount Broker and buy stocks worth 20,000 rupees.

Unless if start with the real trading you can not understand the stock market practically.

I am also a beginner like you and have started just few weeks before. you can follow me on Quora and check my questions I asked here ,all the questions are based on basic understanding of concepts of stock market. There are some awesome answers I get to my questions ,Thanks Quorans !

Take the first step then Eventually you will get very good at trading and it is a skill like any other skills you should have. Believe me it help you lot if you put some effort learning the basics then invest or trade. There are many online advisory firms and they give long term investment calls,intraday calls ,Future option calls. I advice not to go for future derivative products which may give you high return in a day because of buying or selling in lots(large number of shares). so a small 1 or 2 Rs. change in stock price can give you Rs.10000 or Rs.100000 depending on lot size. Starting with future trading is very much risky for a newbie who does not know what he is doing or not sure of future price movement of the stock. Take small steps in educating yourself in stock market.

I am posting a live screenshot from my trading panel .check the below picture

​See , In the above screenshot

Product : MIS – Margin Intraday Squareoff

Stock Name : SUNPHARMA

Qty : 100 only

Avg Price (Buy Price) : 781.02

LTP : Last Traded Price

P&L : Profit/Loss : +123 profit

Later Learn Technical Analysis and Algorithm trading on Zerodha Varsity. Then You will find yourself with your own developed algorithm and strategy in few weeks.

Say,For Example You have only 1,000 rupees in cash in your bank account and you transfer it to your Zerodha trading account to trade and on Zerodha ,you can buy 100 shares of company ‘X’ in 100 rupees/share (but you have only 2 k and your are taking leverage/loan ).You wait for 10–15 minutes ,The Stock price might change from 100/share to 105/share (5% change in price).Now see You have your 500 rupees for the day. Sell/Square off/Exit your existing position(Buy/Sell) .Next day transfer your Rs,2500 to your bank saving account. This is how you can 500 in stock market.

Take the first step then Eventually you will become a pro at trading after few weeks of constant learning and doing trades of different stocks.

Happy learning !!

How can I make 500 daily from India stock market if I only have 10000 to invest?


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