What are 20 harsh life lessons everyone should learn in their 20s?

What are 20 harsh life lessons everyone should learn in their 20s? by @DeanYeong

Answer by Dean Yeong:

  1. Having a job is not a bad idea. It put foods on your table, it pays your bills.
  2. Your dad/mum is right. Believe me, they're right with most of the things you don't believe in.
  3. There is nothing as overnight success. Work hard for your goals.
  4. You might still fail even you work fucking hard. The truth is, you don't have absolute control in anything. So, be flexible.
  5. Your family members are the most important people in your life. Respect them, in most cases, they matter more than your friends.
  6. You're going to fail hard. You will, take it as your achievement.
  7. No one cares. Except your parents, even your friends might not care.
  8. No one will help you. Only you can help yourself.
  9. This is not the time for you to ruin your body. Take good care of your body, you can't undo the damages in your 30s and 40s.
  10. Don't waste time. Same with your health, you can't gain it back.
  11. You're responsible for everything. Don't push them to anyone else.
  12. He/she might not be the one. You might experience serious heartbreak, but it's not the end of the world.
  13. You need to stop complaining. It does nothing and change nothing.
  14. Start budgeting. Money is fucking important, learn to manage it.
  15. Use YOLO the right way. You only live once, so do something meaningful.
  16. Read more. It’s time to communicate with solid substance.
  17. You're not that special. If you really want to become someone, work for it.
  18. Your weaknesses don't matter. So, please don't afraid to make mistakes. No one expects you to be perfect.
  19. It's not the last 3 years of your life. Don't live in a hurry.
  20. Consistency is the key. Every achievement requires the test of time, master something with consistency.

_ _ _

Edit: thanks for all the upvotes. I can't help it, I have to add two more I personally think are extremely important!

21. Outcome is not equal to intention. Most people have good intention, but the outcome might be varies. Don't judge anyone based on an outcome. And never define yourself based on your outcome too, double check on the intention.

22. Happiness comes from within. Stop searching and chasing for external things to fulfill yourself. None of them will and you will end up with bigger disappointment. Happiness is already there, within yourself.

_ _ _

I write on DeanYeong.com, where I share ideas on becoming better by mastering our behaviors and habits.

What are 20 harsh life lessons everyone should learn in their 20s?


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