What are some useful skills I can learn in minutes?

What are some useful skills I can learn in minutes? by Aman Salecha

Answer by Aman Salecha:

Sending emails to your future self.

There is a website Write a letter to the future that allows you to send emails to yourself at some time in the future.

These emails can have anything ranging from words of inspiration, some short/long term goals or anything interesting that you want to convey to your future self. This technique is based on the principle that memories are less accurate than e-mails. When you read these emails some time in the future you would be taken back to the time when you wrote this email. You would realize that what has been your progress like in life from that time.

Did you get that God damn degree? Did you try to fix your relationship with your parents? Did you hit the gym regularly to get those six packs that you strive for?

You will start asking questions like these to yourself. You will become more accountable to yourself and feel pride or guilt depending on what you accomplished.

I have personally tried this and whenever I get a email from my past , I get goosebumps. When I open the email and read what I wanted at that time and what I really became, it really helps me to understand what went wrong and what could I do better to make my future brighter.

What are some useful skills I can learn in minutes?


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