What happens to ultra smart children later in life?

What happens to ultra smart children later in life? by Pratyush R Tiwari

Answer by Pratyush R Tiwari:

This is a story about two boys, one of them was a white boy who grew up in Chicago, he was a child prodigy, great at math. He had encouraging, loving parents who stressed on education and family.

And the other guy, he was a black boy from Daytona Beach who was abandoned by his mother, was beaten by his father, and had become a full fledged gangster by his teens. Any guesses on how they end up?

So the first guy starts school and as a resulting of testing in fifth grade, it was found out that he had an IQ of 167. He skipped the sixth grade. He had problem interacting with others, he couldn't fit in with the older kids, was bullied and he developed strange fears, for buildings and he played beside other children rather than with them.

When he got to high school, his Math classes were too easy for him. He would skip class and lock himself up in his room with his beloved Differential Equations. He finished High School at 15 and started at Harvard at 16. He was at the top of his class there too, there he was taught by famed logician Willard Van Orman Quine, scoring at the top of Quine's class with a 98.9% final grade.

He got a PhD in Mathematics and became a Math Professor at age 25  at UC Berkeley. His PhD dissertation was such that only 10-12 people is the USA could even understand it.

As a young professor at UCB:

His life took a turn when he was 27, he moved in with his parents and started living in a remote cabin he built himself. He would be later identified as the Unabomber and he spends 17 years making bombs to kill people. He was Ted Kaczynski.

The bombs he made:

All didn't end well for him and he was caught by the FBI in 1996.

Now for the second boy. He started his life in Daytona, his father was a salesman, his mother had left him when he was very young. His father often beat him and was later convicted of rape. Although he was a full fledged gangster by his teens, he had focused on sports, he was good at Basketball as well as Football so he got a scholarship and started college at University of Texas, Airlington. During college he realized that he would never make it to the NFL or the NBA. When he started studying seriously for the first time, he realized that he liked studying. He wanted answers to questions, one of the burning issue in his heart was: Why do the Blacks still lag behind?

He used economics to answer his questions and after graduate work at Penn State and the University of Chicago, he became a professor at Harvard at age 25.

He is Roland G. Fryer, Jr. . In 2007, at age 30, he became the youngest African-American to ever receive tenure at Harvard.

I hope you guys enjoyed the story!

Life is what you make it, being a genius does not define your life outcomes, you do.

What happens to ultra smart children later in life?


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