What are some facts about India that Indians are generally unaware of?

Answer by Ajay Kumar:

The center point of earth's magnetic equator is located in India(Tamil Nadu)
Thillai Nataraja Kovil (or Temple, in English) situated in Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu is dedicated to Lord Shiva, who is worshiped in the form of Nataraja in dancing posture is said to be the Center of earth's Magnetic equator. It is also stated that "The Center point lies exactly at the foot of the Lord Siva."
Look at the geomagnetic coordinates map below. It exactly passes through India.
Curious as these happen to be among the Panchabhuta Sthalas, Places of Five Elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.
The temple for water is in Thiruvanaikaval, fire is in Thiruvannamalai , air is inKalahasti ,  earth is  in  Kanchipuram  and The temple for space/sky is inChidambaram.
Earth is nestled between Sky/Ether/Space, Aakasa( Chidambaram) and Air,Vayu(Kalahasti).
Earth is surrounded by Space and Air.
Ans Vishnu’s Nabhi, Navel of Vishnu has been validated as the  Center of Our Galaxy.
Read here.
The Southern Cross and Canopus tally with Trishanku Swarga and Agasthya Star respectively.
Hence I did not want to dismiss the point that Chidambaram being the Centre of earth’s /universe’s Magnetic field.
Photos of the Temple and more information :
1)The roof of Ponnambalam is held by a set of 64 beams representing the 64 forms of art.
2)It is also held by several cross beams representing the infinite blood vessels.
3)The roof has been laid with 21,600 golden tiles with the word SIVAYANAMA inscribed on them representing 21,600 breaths, which represents the number of breaths taken in a 24 hour period.
4)The golden tiles are fixed using 72,000 golden nails that represents the number of nadis existing in the human body.
5)The roof is topped by a set of 9 sacred pots or kalasas, representing the 9 forms of energy.
Refer the following for details.

What are some facts about India that Indians are generally unaware of?


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