What are some stories where a person wins losing?

Answer by Anirudh Anupama:

Word Count: 672.
Time to read: 3 min.
“Checkmate” Dada declared, with a smug face.
“No. Not again.” cried Varun.
“Well Beta, I am telling you that you must, and I am sure that you can, play better than this.” Dada patted Varun’s back and assured him.
“The score is ‘3 – 18’ since last month Dada. I doubt if I’ve even got what it takes to win,” muttered Varun in a low voice, “and a more disturbing fact is that, this is my best score with you so far.”
Varun wrapped up the chess board and got up to do his homework.
Dada’s legs had become weak due to an illness. Inspite of that he walked back home after work. This aggravated the pain and he always needed a massage to help him sleep sans disturbance. Varun also used to return from school almost at the same time and it was his duty to massage his Dada’s legs for atleast 30 min before sitting with his homework.
There was a big under-14 chess tournament in Gumnaamganj in the summer vacations and Varun was contending for the same. As he was very serious about the preparations, both father and son decided to play chess during that window of time, when Varun used to do nothing more than massaging his father’s legs.
Dada was an above average player, who could defeat computer in ‘90s. He taught Varun various tactics and strategies, so that Varun’s game could get better. However, Dada was completely ruthless to Varun when it came to winning. He never played any lose move to let Varun win, no celebrations just out of courtesy. This slowly demotivated Varun and made him feel that he was not worthy enough to play the game. When Varun’s mother used to question Dada about this, he would smirk and reply,
“I don’t want to give any false hopes to my son. If he wants to be a professional player, he should be able to defeat an amateur like me many times in a row. Only then can he can be a good player. Until then I will keep on punishing his every wrong move.”
As the tournament approached, Varun got better with his game and now the score with Dada got around ‘7 – 14’ or sometimes even ‘10 – 11’.
The prime motivation for Varun to play the tournament was ‘Nintendo and a huge collection of games with it’, which was going to be given to the winner. It had been long that his craving for the video-game had made a place in him but his parents were not able to buy that for him. When Varun learned about the ‘Nintendo Prize’ he was more than overjoyed, he instantly decided that he would participate to win.
Tournament Day — Final Match: Varun Vs. A Rated Player.
The room was completely packed with spectators, and no one uttered a single word. The banging of pieces and tapping of clocks were the only things that could be heard.
It was the end game now.
After 67 moves, Varun was left only with the king and his opponent was left with the king and a pawn. A stalemate was evident after 2 moves. Varun’s supporters were relieved that he wouldn’t lose the game.
“Wait… What?” all the spectators thought to themselves. Varun had lost the game after he made the next move. The opponent’s pawn progressed to become the queen and it was a checkmate after three moves. No one saw that coming, Varun’s father was in complete shock.
After the match got over, someone tapped Varun’s head gently from behind. When he turned around to see who it was, he saw his Dada smiling at him.
“You were winning the tournament if the game has been a draw with that half point. Why did you make the wrong move purposely?” he asked.
“’Cause just before the final match I learnt that the second prize is a bi-cycle, Dada,” Varun replied with glittering eyes, “you need the cycle more than my want for that stupid game.”

Edit: Peace! (edit suggested by Mythili Kuppuraman)

What are some stories where a person wins losing?


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