What are the most productive ways to spend time on the Internet?

Answer by Prashant Binwal:

Here is the incredible list of valuable websites for you to check out.

  1. Openculture.com: This website provides the best free cultural and educational media the web has to offer. While browsing the site you’ll find free university courses, audio books, movies, ebooks, language lessons, and much more.
  2. Fastcompany.com: Fast Company provides outstanding article on innovation, technology, economics, leadership, and design. If you're an entrepreneur, business owner, or simply an enthusiast this website is bound to teach you new things.
  3. Vocabulary.com: Well, you heard the name. If you're looking to expand on your vocabulary online, this is going to be your best resource.
  4. Freerice.com: It’s a quiz put out by the United Nations World Food Program. Every time you answer a question correctly, you feed someone who is starving.
  5. Goodreads.com: A great site for those who love to read. Goodreads allows you to connect with fellow book lovers to figure out what book you should read next. You can also read reviews, add friends, discuss your favorite books, and basically discover great literature.
  6. Codeacademy.com: If you want to learn how to code, this website is a great start. Codecademy currently offers the following programming languages: JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Ruby, Python, and PHP.
  7. Academicearth.com: Great site to check out some real college lectures that will keep you up to date on everything happening in your industry.
  8. Freecycle.com: A list of people near you who are giving away things for free.
  9. Grovo.com: This website helps you sharpen your internet skills.
  10. Lumosity.com: Provides scientifically designed tests to challenge your brain. The tests are fun and creative. The site allows you to improve your attention, problem solving skills, speed, and memory recall.
  11. Erowid.org: Learn about different drugs and their effects on the human body.
  12. Paperbackswap.com: You can trade books with other people.
  13. Showmedo.com: Open source software for you to check out and learn with video tutorials.
  14. Page99test.com: This site allows you to read page 99 of a book. Why? To judge the writing of a book before buying it.
  15. Thesimpledollar.com: A great site that helps you with your personal finances.
  16. Lettersofnote.com: Famous people have written letters before, and here you can see and read them.

What are the most productive ways to spend time on the Internet?


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